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Author Guidelines

1. Volume of the article. The minimum amount of article is 10 A4 pages, 1.5 line spacing. Fields - 25 mm. Paragraph - 1.25 cm. Font - Times New Roman, size 14, justified alignment.

2. Margins: top, bottom, left, right - 25 mm.

3. UDC (in the upper left corner of the front of information about authors).

4. Initials and names of authors, title or profession, place of work, place of study, personal e-mail of the author (bold, right justification).

5. Title of the article (in small capital letters, bold, centered).

6. Abstract in ukrainian and keywords (Times New Roman, size 14, italic, justification for the center). Volume annotation Ukrainian language should be 100-150 words.

Abstracts in russian and english, key words and names of authors are written at the end of the article (Times New Roman, size 12, justified alignment, without paragraph).

  1. At the end of an article in one interval is a list of references (minimum 10 references). Sources are listed in alphabetical order for each source in the reference list, it should be referenced in the text.

8. Drawings, diagrams are constructed using black and white. All images should be grouped as a single object.

9. Information about authors are placed at the end of an article and should contain the name of an author (authors), position or profession, place of work, place of study, name of an supervisor, academic degree, academic rank, position, institution (in two languages: ukrainian and english).

10. The article should contain all necessary elements in accordance with the decree of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003 №7 - 05/1 “On increasing requirements for professional publications included in the list of VAK of Ukraine”:

• formulation of the problem;

• analysis of recent research and publications;

• formation of the purposes of article;

• basic material;

• conclusions.

11. The materials included the participant application, you need to fill in and send along with a copy of the payment order.

Articles that do not meet the requirements sent without charge - are not considered. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select and edit research papers.



Full name of the author (s)


Position or profession, place of work, place of study


Full name of the supervisor (s)


Scientific degree, academic title


Establishment, organization, institution, position


Title of the article (in Ukrainian, English, Russian)


Postal address (for sending certificates)


E-mail, phones (mobile)



EDITORIAL ADDRESS: 61174, Ukraine, Kharkov. Victory, 55.

Kharkiv training and research institute SHEE "Banking University"

Phone: (057) 337-42-12


Submission Requirements

During the presentation of article in the journal, authors should confirm its compliance with all the requirements listed below. In case of discrepancy filed work items revision of these requirements, editors will back for revision this materials to authors.

1. This view had not been published and is not directed to the consideration of other editors magazines (or at comments for editor, necessary explanations are given below).


Copyright Notice

Authors of research articles published in the Collection agree to the following terms:

-       authors reserve the right to his authorship of scientific articles and broadcast journal right of first publication of scientific articles licensed under CC Attribution (Creative Commons Attribution License), which allows others to freely distribute the published scientific article referring to the original authors of the article and the first publication of the article in Research Works’ Collection on «Youth scientific dispute»;

-       authors have the right to enter a separate agreement concerning additional exclusive distribution of the article in the form it was published in the journal (for example, to post the research in an electronic storage of the establishment or publish as a part of a monograph), provided that the reference to the first publication of the article in the Collection.