Electronic collection of scientific proceedings «Youth scientific dispute»

The Electronic collection of scientific proceedings «Youth scientific dispute» is a scientifically directed economic publication, in which the scientists’ materials at different levels – students, PhD students, Doctorals and young scientists – are performed in the form of research papers for the purpose of distribution to local researchers and abroad.

The Collection is practicing a policy of open access to published content supporting the principles of the free flow of scientific information and global knowledge exchange for the common social progress.

The aim is to highlight the collection of scientific articles aimed at the study of the following issues:

–      Economic Theory;

–      The mechanism of  economics regulation;

–      International Economics;

–      Innovation and investment processes in the economy;

–      Economy sectors of the economy;

–      Economic-mathematical modeling, economic cybernetics;

–      Government Finance and business entities;

–      Money and credit, banking;

–      Financial market;

–      Accounting, analysis and audit;

–      Management and Marketing;

–      Agribusiness Economics;

–      Economic Security;

–      Computer Science and Information Technology;

–      Higher education;

–      Philosophy. Sociology. Psychology;

–      Financial and banking law.

The main tasks of the Collection are:

1. Methodological discussion of the contents, problems and prospects of domestic and international banking and financial sciences, information and analysis of business entities, analysis of current existing business and demonstration of new methods and approaches etc.

2. Informational - to provide the results of excellence, professional analytical overview, information on changes in the law and so on.

3. Forming scientific community - publishing articles of researchers from different regions of Ukraine and international scientific space.

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