Risk management in the mechanism of ensuring the financial stability of the bank

Олена Кузьменко


Abstract. The article addresses the issue characterize the notion of bank risk. Highlighting the most important criteria for classification of bank risks and characterized each of them. The approaches to the classification of financial risks bank, essence and components of risk management and content of the basic types of banking risks. Investigated main aspects system of risk management in bank and type of the main bank risks. The problem of risk management in banks is urgent at the present stage of development of the banking system of Ukraine, because it is one of the key to ensuring the stable functioning of the banking institution. There are a number of external and internal factors that adversely affect the stable operation of domestic banks. These factors include the effects of the financial crisis, rising inflation, and lack of economic and political stability in general. The stability of the banking system depends first and foremost on how effectively the
bank can identify the risk and prevent the negative consequences. That is why the development of banks' risk management and the development of a number of measures to stabilize their operations are extremely pressing issues today. Today, it is impossible to imagine a stable functioning of the bank without an effective risk management system for the bank. Providing a reliable risk management system for a bank depends on the successful resolution of the following problems: a systematic approach to risk assessment and management must be implemented and the ways of overcoming risky situations must be
justified. The subject of the article is banking in Ukraine. The subject of the research is theoretical and methodological and applied principles of risk management and financial security of banks in Ukraine in the current conditions of development of the domestic banking system. 

Keywords: bank system, risk management, risk management system, bank risk, classification of bank risks.


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