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Annotation. The article investigates the theoretical foundations of enterprise management effectiveness and builds a SWOT-analysis of             LLC «Donmetsplav» as a means of implementing strategic management, which further provides the opportunity to formulate an enterprise development strategy.

 In general, the issue of management effectiveness has always been relevant, because it is the effectiveness of management that ensures the successful functioning of the enterprise and the development of each organizational and economic unit.  In general, the relevance of this topic is due to the fact that the concept of enterprise management efficiency allows not only to evaluate the effectiveness of enterprise management, to analyze the cumulative effect of its various divisions and areas of activity, but also to determine the development strategy, to develop a forecast and plan of action for the future, to determine the results used  resources.

The SWOT analysis represents a generalized assessment for understanding and managing the environment in which the enterprise operates.  This matrix analysis model helps managers remove key barriers as they emerge from the enterprise.  On the basis of such researches the strategy of development of the enterprise is formulated, in which the special emphasis is made on the outstanding problems.

The application of the SWOT method makes it possible to establish lines of communication between the strength and weakness inherent in the enterprise and the external threats and opportunities.  The SWOT analysis emphasizes that the strategy must connect the internal possibilities of the company (its strong and weak sides) and the outer one  Therefore, the combination of negative and positive factors that affect the activity of the company as external, as well as in the middle, helps to correctly evaluate the possible.

Keywords: management efficiency, SWOT- analysis, strategy of enterprise, weak parties of enterprise, strong parties of enterprise, possibility, threat.


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